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G and S Insurance offers three vehicle insurance options for your vehicle(s):

 Comprehensive cover which covers your vehicle against own damage that includes accidents, windscreen, hail, fire and theft – and covers you against claims by third parties where you are liable for their damage.

 Limited Cover or so-called Third party, fire and theft cover which covers your vehicle if it is lost or damaged because of fire or theft, and against third-party claims, but does not include cover for own damage due to accidents.

• Third party (only) cover which covers third-party claims only where you are liable for the cost of damage or injury to others, but does not include cover for accidents, fire or theft.

Linked to our vehicle insurance offering, we offer additional benefits designed to give you peace of mind whenever you’re on the road and to assist you at a time when you need it most.

Added benefits:

•Emergency accommodation

•Emergency costs such as toiletries or medicine

•Recovery costs

•Medical expenses for you or your family

•Trauma treatment

We offer a competitively-priced, motor-alone policy which has the added benefit of allowing you to add cover for your personal effects.


If you own a 4×4 vehicle, G and S Insurance offers tailor-made optional insurance which includes extensions and services to suit your needs.

Our 4×4 vehicle policy provides cover for emergency repairs, winching equipment, repatriation costs, extinguishing costs and wreckage removal.

Our 4×4 vehicle cover is available in 14 African countries, including Angola, Rwanda, and Tanzania.


You also have the choice of optional cover to insure your luxury vehicle with added benefits for the head, tail or spotlights, loss of keys, tow-in costs and safeguarding after a mechanical breakdown.

Your vehicle is most likely your second most valuable asset, so take care of it wisely. Why don’t you Give us a try!

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