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What is Vehicle Insurance? 
If you are a new driver or car owner, it could be tempting to not want to get vehicle insurance, especially if you don’t know what you will be paying for. The purpose of car insurance is mainly for Financial Security and is available for motor vehicles, motorcycles, light delivery vehicle, caravans and trailers. It is important for us to know what kind of insurance we need and how can it help us. If the vehicle is financed, the finance company will request proof of insurance before delivery.

There are a few types of cover for your vehicle and it is important for one to know what they do. Sitting with a broker is one way to find out what your options are, some option will cover damages to your own car, full or part of the damage dealt with another vehicle, fire, theft and/or hijacking. Some policies will cover these areas partially or completely but at a higher premium.

Why is Vehicle Insurance Important?

Vehicle insurance is mainly for financial security, but not because you can’t drive or are a risk on the road, but rather it is to help you because there are people on the road who can be reckless. The expense of being involved in an accident could leave you on the edge of bankruptcy if you do not have insurance to cover you on the road. Accidents happen and there is a lot that happens on the roads of South Africa.

It is important to have vehicle insurance just in case something happens and would like some peace of mind. If you have an accident without insurance you’ll be looking at major costs for the other party involved, the inability to replace your car after an accident would also leave you without any transport. Without vehicle insurance, motorists are taking serious risks on the road.

If you don’t have time to shop around and seek the most valuable vehicle insurance, we are here to assist.

How? We meet with you and discuss different service providers and options. Once, we received the requested quotes, we’ll work through it and make sure to explain everything (from benefits, payments, excesses and extras) on the suggested options for the relevant vehicle insurance to suit your needs.

You keep vehicles close to heart, let us do the same for you and your vehicle/s.

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