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Not having business insurance is a huge risk that hundreds of companies take. If something were to happen to your business, the risk to lose everything is to great and in certain circumstances having a business incorporated will not protect an owner from being held responsible at a personal level through their assets.

Accidents happen within business and sometimes a business will need to cover cost for the clients or employees, but this could be very costly in some incidents. This can also extent to the assets that you have within the business, a loss or sustain damage to these assets could harm operations and halt earnings. Employees who are unhappy or run into unforeseen circumstances while on duty could bring the CCMA to your business.

These are all things that could cause problems for business, however having business insurance could save you from enduring these costs or even help when operations are interrupted. Business insurance is very important for any business regardless of shape or size as no business is safe from all these things.

If you don’t have time to shop around and seek the most valuable business insurance, we are here to assist.

How? We meet with you and discuss different service providers. Once, we received the requested quotes, we’ll work through it and make sure to explain everything (from benefits, payments and extras) on the suggested policy/ies for you.

You keep employees and benefactors close to heart, let us do the same for you and business.

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