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What is Employee Benefits?

Are you a SMME business owner, or even running a rapidly growing business? You know that you need to keep your employees happy, or else you run the risk of losing a valued employee.

Employee benefits are benefits that are provided to the employee in addition to their wages or salaries. This would normally be referred to as an employment package and is offered to employees, examples of this could include; health and/or dental insurance, life cover, disability cover, retirement benefits etc.

Why Should I have Employee Benefits?

Once you have great and skilled employees, as an employer you face the problem of having them resigning and moving to another company, offering a good benefits package is one way to keep employees happy. As a small business this might sound to costly, however in the long run, having consistent employees would be more beneficial to the growth of your business.

Employee benefits will assist you in your employee retention, especially when your employees are offered the right package. Striking a balance between what the employee wants and what you as a business can offer, will jump start your business growth. Satisfied employees miss less workdays, less likely to quit and will have a higher commitment to meeting the company’s goals.

If you don’t have time to look around and seek the most valuable employee benefits, we are here to assist.

How? We meet with you and discuss different packages. Once, we received the requested quotes, we’ll work through it and make sure to explain everything (from benefits, payments and extras) on the suggested policy/ies for you.

You care about your employees, let us do the same for you and employee benefits.

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