We at G and S Insurance in Alberton have broken the need of medical aid cover down in different sections –

  • medical aid increases: explained,
  • why should I have a medical aid?, and
  • what happens if I don’t have a medical aid?

This week, we would like to assist you in applying for the appropriate medical aid cover for you or you and your family. There are multiple options for medical aid cover in South Africa, but here are 10 tips in helping you to choose the ideal medical scheme:

1.Are you looking for full cover or a hospital plan? – can you afford day-to-day cover yourself? Remember hospital plans are more affordable, but you are limited on specified chronic conditions;

2.Check your health – are you constantly sick? Choose a scheme that makes adequate provision for your eye or dental problems;

3.Assess your finances – if you can’t afford full medical cover, you can’t afford it. Make sure of your benefits for you, your spouse and children and what exactly the contributions are;

4.Check the scheme’s payment records – find out from your GP’s secretary if they have experienced problems with the particular scheme’s pay-outs.

5.Check a scheme’s solvency ratio – request the latest information from your broker. By law, schemes should have at least 25% of members’ annual contributions in reserve;

6.Scrutinise the table of benefits – check day-to-day limits and how much your Medical Savings Account (MSA) is per year. Check what co-payments you will have to make on all medical bills. Also, ensure the cover for cancer.

7 .See an independent broker  Contact us for assistance. We don’t promote a single scheme and provide you with options that’s most beneficial to you.

8.Find out about exclusions – Some schemes may exclude you from claiming for certain conditions for a limited period (not more than one year). If you’re new to the medical aid, you are usually not eligible to claim day-to-day expenses in the first three months.

9.Check overall hospital limits – Find out what a week or two in hospital would cost for you and your family – you might have hospital cover of R50 000, but what happens when you all are in the same acc10ident? 

10. Check HIV cover – we don’t like it, but we have to admit that it’s possible – find out how much would a medical scheme contribute should you become HIV-positive and, in time, require a lengthy hospital stay.

G and S can assist you with these questions and help you choose the best possible medical aid cover scheme for you and your family. We offer various service providers’ medical schemes such as Discovery (2018 medical aid plans are available).

If you’re set on having a Discovery medical aid, we’ve created an easy way for you to calculate your monthly contribution towards your chosen plan.

Apply online for a Discovery medical aid and we’ll contact you right back.

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