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Institute of Race Relations (IRR) recently published statistics that show that most South Africans are not covered by a medical aid or basic health care provider. With a population of 54 million people, only 17.4% are covered by a South African medical scheme. Only 9.5 million South Africans have access to private medical care and 44 million don’t.

Having quality healthcare enables you to access General Practitioners (GP’s), dentists and medication. Medical cover, therefore, improves the quality of life and life expectancy of a person.

But what are the options, should you need serious medical attention, if you don’t have medical aid cover? Well, in simple English, if you’re not covered your only other option is the public health system – public clinics and public hospitals…

Consider the following –You’ve been in an accident and have no medical aid cover and you may have questions about who is going to pay your medical bills. High-quality care, as we know it, can end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Yes, you can request a claim from the Road Accident Fund, but this can take months before anything is settled. Adding that the claim might not even be successful.And winning the lotto doesn’t seem realistic either. So, who’ll be paying your medical bills? In the end, every amount outstanding will rest on your shoulders.

It’s not something to joke about because it can set you back for years. You might not have the ability to pay it and must apply for debt control, which adds you on the blacklist and basically from there, we know that all South African privileges will be of the past.

G and S Insurance in Alberton shortly briefed you in our previous blog on ‘Why should I have a medical aid?’, but we can’t express the importance of a medical aid enough –

  • With a medical aid, you can get immediate treatment, without needing to until you have the money available.
  • Don’t cut down on insurance when times are tough,
    and money runs dry. It might make sense now in the short-term, but in the long-term, it will financially ruin you should one of your family members need to be hospitalized or undergo surgery.
  • We want to encourage you to have a look at what Discovery Medical Aid 2018 can offer you and your family. Click here to apply for becoming a Discovery Medical Aid Member.

Or contact us for a free consultation in order to discuss other medical aid covers to fit your budget.

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