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Many South Africans have doubts and questions about why it’s important to have a medical aid. It only becomes a priority when their health becomes a concern and the value of paying private healthcare seems expensive.

Medical aid plans, in general, seem to be a problem as the average individual cannot afford it, but, no one can afford to be without it either. None of us can live with the peace of mind that we’ll have happy and healthy lives until we pass away.

If you’re one of the individuals who are not sure of why medical aid is important, try imagining the following:

  • You’re on your way to meet up with friends at a local restaurant and at the traffic light, singing out loud to one of your favourite songs, it’s your turn to make a left…but, another vehicle decided to jump the queue on that red light… Accidents happen and now you’re in need of an extensive life-saving surgery. You’d have to cover the cost for the total amount of hospitalisation and treatment, which could end up being several hundred thousand rand. Do you have that kind of money on-hand?
  • Another possible incident might be that you or a family member such as your spouse experience a heart attack or stroke and they become in need of serious medical attention. Cancer is also a very common disease in our society and with that medical treatment such as chemo or radiation is required for survival. It doesn’t end there, each person differs and requires different medical attention and it could cost you more than your home’s worth!

G and S Insurance can describe many incidents and why medical aid is important. It’s not pleasant to hear it, but we need to hear it. You don’t want to experience a situation where you regret not having a medical aid.

If you are a young single adult and generally in good health, at least have a hospital plan for accident and surgical emergencies. It’s effective and affordable. On the other hand, when you’re married with children choose a more comprehensive product. You never know if one of them might suffer from a chronic illness in the future.

The holiday season is around the corner and anything can happen. Rather be safe than sorry.

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