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So, we all get a salary and it doesn’t matter what the amount, the fact stands that some of us just can’t budget. Before we know it, the money is out of the bank just as fast as it came in! Poof! Like magic!

Magic used to be an entertaining childhood memory, but nowadays it’s not that fun anymore! Obviously, we have a ‘safe card’ (also known as the credit card) and let’s face it, this card has saved a lot of us time and again. But we also know that this card is only safe for a certain period and then it comes back and haunt our dreams – gives us restless nights, have unknown people calling us on the worst timings and we can go on…

Credit Card = Unwise Decision!

We just want to assure you that you ARE NOT ALONE! Although a budget is a powerful tool that can help you take control of your money and future savings, we don’t have an idea where to start and what to budget for?! It becomes scary and too complicated and nobody plans to fail, but we mismanage our future too often.

A budget can have major advantages if done right – it helps you understand where your money goes and it helps you to take control. It also allows for better future planning in terms of savings and investments.

Old Mutual saw the struggle and decided to create a Monthly-Budget-Planner. The budget planner contains possible expenditure listing under major categories including Housing, Entertainment, Transportation, Loans, Insurance, Children, Food, Pets, Savings or Investments, Personal Care, Gifts and Donations as well as Legal Matters.

The budget planner only expects you to fill in the blanks where appropriate and it does the calculations by itself. It’s as easy as that! Thank you Old Mutual!

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