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We all know the textbook excuses when it comes to those mind-numbing questions regarding health and fitness, and are far too clever when it comes to throwing those out….

  • I honestly don’t have the time;
  • I barely have energy for everything else in my day;
  • Gym fees doesn’t suite my budget;
  • Healthy foods are expensive.

Those excuses might have worked in the past but with vitality, anything is possible… even that summer body you’ve been drooling over.

With Discovery Vitality, you can tailor your rewards to suit your pocket, anything from cashbacks to discounts on almost every luxury that ruins our pockets.


By joining Discovery Vitality, you can qualify for benefits like:

  • Up to 75% discount on you monthly gym fees,
  • Up to R1000 cash back on healthy food expenses,
  • Up to 100% discount on local and domestic flights with Kulula.com,
  • Discounts on car hire,
  • and even discounts on your insurance with Discovery (Life, Drive and Insure).

The possibilities are endless and the rewards multiple when you join the Discovery Vitality team. From as little as R219.00 per month for a single member to R296.00 per month for a family of three, you too can be vitality fit, or at least give your social life a bit of a boost with a sexy pair of new sneakers.

Contact us for more information on how to kickstart your life the Vitality way