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How often do you think of getting a medical second opinion for your medical condition? Or do you just believe and proceed with the first best advice – even when it means that you must lose a part of your body?

Case study on how a medical second opinion can change your life:

Warren Bonn (in the article image) has an extremely rare arteriovenous malformation of the tongue, and has spent two years visiting 72 doctors, specialists and surgeons, in the hopes of getting more answers about his painful condition.

He kept on receiving the same treatment plan: to remove his tongue. But Warren was determined to seek out a doctor who would offer him an alternative. Using Medical Second Opinion, he discovered a neurosurgeon in New York who finally gave him the option of keeping his tongue and treating it in a non-invasive manner.Warren has undergone 1 of 6 surgeries costing $50 000 each.

Benefits you can add to your life policy:

In today’s fast changing economy and the revolution of medical technology; you can add the following benefits to secure peace of mind:

  • A free medical second opinion.
  • Illness benefit income.
  • Income protector benefits.
  • Cover for temporary and permanent conditions.
  • Extra cancer benefits and breast reconstruction.
  • Uber and Au pair benefits.

These are only a few additional benefits, but it gives you an idea that the possibilities are unlimited. You have the authority to improve your and your family’s lives.

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