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Death is a sudden strike and the last thing you would want to struggle with is the lack of money. Paying bills with money that you don’t have can be very frustrating and tiring. This is what happened recently with a Ansie Schoeman whose husband had passed away.

Mr Schoeman’s bank accounts were frozen and all the money went into his estate. Whilst waiting for everything to be settled, Ansie had electricity bills amongst other things that she had to cover. Unfortunately, no arrangements were made for Ansie not to worry about money.

Ansie struggled for months and had to rely on others to assist her in paying the necessary bills. G and S Insurance Consultants wants to spare you the humility of having to turn to others in desperate times.

The G and S Income and Estate Protector Plan covers all expenses incurred in settling an estate with monthly income protection for a period of 24 months for your dependents.

Before your Estate can be distributed as per your wishes, there are expenses that need to be paid first:

  • All outstanding debt needs to be settled;
  • Executors fees of 3,5% PLUS VAT is payable on the GROSS value of the Estate;
  • You might incur a Capital Gains Tax liability through the way you have bequeath your Assets;
  • Transfer Costs: Any property left to a beneficiary would have to be reregistered in the name of the beneficiary and there will be a cost involved. The biggest being due on the re-registration of the house, even if it was owned in life 50/50.
  • Income Tax: Your tax standing with SARS must be clean before the Estate can be wound up.

The following additional benefits can be included:

  • LIFE LUMP SUM – A once-off lump sum is paid to the Estate to cover the costs incurred when finalizing the estate;
  • LIFE INCOME BENEFIT – A monthly income is paid to the listed beneficiaries for a period of 24 months from date of death of the insured.
  • LUMP SUM DISABILITY – A once-off lump sum is paid when you are permanently disabled. (Occupational disability for his/her own occupation is the inability to perform the duties done the day prior to becoming disabled)
  • TEMPORARY INCOME PROTECTOR – This benefit would pay a monthly income for a period of 24 months in the event of the Insured becoming disabled.

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