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After a night out in town, Ashley arrived at her hostel to find that her roommate, Nicolene Ackerman has passed away.

Nicolene’s parents were contacted and arrangements needed to be made to remove the diseased from the premises. Unfortunately, this became a tedious process. Seeing that the Ackerman’s didn’t have funeral cover at a funeral service provider, they had to put down R 14 000 to move the corpse to the morgue.

A death certificate can only be issued once the corpse is at the morgue after which the standard insurance, if they had, would start paying out. The Ackerman’s didn’t have R14 000 at the time for the transport cost. They also couldn’t transport the corpse without a permit. The outcome of the situation is that the corpse had been on the premises for 3 days before the Ackerman’s could finally make necessary monetary arrangements.The festive season is upon us and lots of vehicles will be travelling during this time. We want you to ensure that you have a funeral cover plan with a funeral service provider such as AVBOB.

Everyone has a time and we don’t know when. Ensure that you have the correct funeral service provider in place, before the death shock strike you twice.

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