G and S Insurance Consultants


Invest in your future dreams today, and reap the rewards

The daily hassles we face in life often deter us from getting to the things we actually need to ensure our future goals. 
Car troubles? The expenses of a school trip? A burst tyre?

All these unplanned expenses can become a heavy burden on the pocket, thus leading us further astray from what we want to do! “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Invest in a unit trust today from as little as R250.00 per month and start determining your financial future. Whether you are saving for a deposit on that brand new luxurious home, a little extra spending money on next year’s beach holiday, or simply to have a little financial backup when the unexpected expenses arise. You can do that with Sanlam’s Unit Trust investments.

R250.00 per month might not sound like much, but seeing your investment grow with R3000.00 per year on contributions alone (without interest), will put a smile on any investors face.

R250.00 x 12 months = R3000.00

With a wide selection of funds, money that is available for withdrawal within 4-7 days’ notice, and great interest rates, Sanlam Unit trusts are the way to go, even when the going is tough.

Make G and S Insurance Consultants your go to financial service provider and 2017 will be your year. You wont let those new year’s resolutions down!

Contact us to invest in your future – adelev@gsinsurance.co.za / 011 907 2412