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When you are involved in a road accident, the world suddenly becomes an unfamiliar place. Your mind starts racing: “What happened?”, “Did I get hurt?”, “Has anyone else been hurt?”, “What should I do first?”, “How can I make sure my motor vehicle, passengers and anyone else involved in the accident are safe?”.

There will be a host of tow trucks arriving, all wanting to tow your motor vehicle. Worse still, you could find a police officer advising or insisting that you choose a particular tow operator to clear the accident scene. Shaken up and bombarded by demands from all sides, you lose your ability to think clearly.

 Stop immediately and stay calm. DO NOT admit or accept liability for the accident (e.g. saying “I’m sorry the accident was my fault”).
• If your motor vehicle CANNOT BE DRIVEN, call the help-desk immediately and let the operator take charge of the situation.
• Do not allow any unauthorized towing operator to call you insurer on your behalf.
• Only allow your motor vehicle to be towed by an approved towing operator arranged by the help-desk.
• Help anyone who may be injured. If there are injuries DO NOT move the motor vehicles involved until the police arrive.
 Record details of the accident:
– time and place
– descriptions/registrations of other motor vehicles involved
– details of other driver(s) (names, addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers)
– details of witnesses
– name and station of any police or traffic officer present.
• If possible, take pictures of the accident scene as well as of the other motor vehicles involved.
• Inform the police of the accident within 24 hours and remember to note your case number.
• If your motor vehicle CAN BE DRIVEN, report the incident to your broker noting the full details of the accident.

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