G and S Insurance Consultants


G and S Insurance Consultants would want to emphasise why everyone should have a funeral cover in place to cover everything possible should you become diseased.

Focusing on AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral Cover, we would want to inform you of what AVBOB offers and encourage you to reconsider your funeral cover because:

  • There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.
  • AVBOB might not be the best if measured on premium only, BUT who do you call when your spouse pass away?
  • You cannot phone Hollard, Liberty etc. to collect the body / remains. You call the funeral undertaker.
  • Without a funeral undertaker policy, you will have to make payment.
  • Most other insurance companies stress that they will pay out within 48 hours. Within 48 hours after receipt of the death certificate. In a recent claim event it took the issuing of the death certificate took 2 weeks before a claim could be submitted.
  • AVBOB is a Mutual Assurance Society, thus policyholders is the company shareholders only. AVBOB profit therefore goes to their policyholders. AVBOB has recently declared another R 1 billion bonus to our policyholders, which brings the total over the past eight years to R 4.6 billion.

Cashback Funeral Cover lets you save for the expenses of a funeral. And every 5 years without a claim, we’ll give you that year’s cash back – that’s right, all the premiums you paid during the 5th year will be paid back, in cash. And that’s just one of the many benefits you’ll receive.

AVBOB provides you:

  • A FREE basic funeral (burial or cremation) to the value of R9 600*
  • FREE transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa*
  • A FREE upfront cash payment of R1 000 for initial expenses*

Read more on what the value of R9 600 includes, also have an overview of extended benefits.