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If you could visualise your perfect life in the future, surely you would be inspired to save for it?

A life where you follow all your passions with enough time and money to enjoy them. In fact, it’s very close to what your retirement might look like. Unfortunately, very few people save enough for their retirement, mostly because it appears abstract, intangible and too far into the future.

And because it’s intangible, we reassure ourselves that our monthly deductions off our payslips and a certain amount of investment is enough. But how much do we really need? If you could find out what your contributions add up to in the form of a monthly salary once you retire, surely you would be inspired to plan for the life you want?

Most people only discover their retirement salary just before they retire…

You actually have two salaries.

The one you have now plus the one you will have when you retire.

A simple calculator is designed to work out your retirement salary based on your monthly contributions and savings. Obviously, it’s a conservative ball-park figure, but it is enough for you to gauge just how much you will need to actually put away for your perfect life.

It’s also far better to find out now and make plans to improve your retirement salary, before it’s too late.

Find out why three individuals turned down their perfect life

With great careers and lifestyles, three individuals were offered the perfect life – what they’d always imagined if they never had to work again.

This chosen perfect life was revealed to them on screen, and a salary to make it a reality was given to them. However the salary was far below what they needed to live their perfect life…

It was the amount calculated from their actual retirement savings in today’s money. Needless to say, they declined the offer. But even though it was bad news, it was revealed early enough for them to do something about it. Planning and putting away the right amount of money to live the dream retirement.