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As part of the modern lifestyle, we all have home insurance in case of burglary, fire or damage.  It’s not even a question whether your belongings should be insured or not, therefore most households are covered.

Okay, so your home is covered, now what?  Have you recently purchased a new couch, maybe a new microwave or fridge or even just new curtains for your little girl’s bedroom. Have you taken these new purchases into account for your home insurance? Not? You will be shocked when a disaster hits your home and the insurance doesn’t pay out the amount you were hoping for!

Therefore, conducting a home inventory for your insurance on a regular basis (every six months or annually) will benefit you in claiming back your belongings’ valuewhen you come to that point.

Taking the home inventory is not a difficult task, but rather time consuming.  Hence, it’s extremely important as a detailed inventory will speed up the insurance claims process and ensures your insurance takes care of everything you lost.

Where do you begin with taking a home inventory?

  • Take photos of all your belongings – go through your house and film every room as a quick and easy start.
  • Take photos of serial numbers of all your gadgetry and even a snapshot of every device.
  • Fill in a home inventory form – you can set up your own form or use a programme to assist you.  Usually your insurance company has these forms available as well.
  • Store your inventory information outside your home – at the office or keep it digitally available by uploading it to Vimeo, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive or email it to yourself.

After you’ve compiled your home inventory documentation, submit it to your insurance broker in order for them to be informed of your new purchases and what you want to be covered and to recalculate your home insurance premium.

G and S Insurance Consultants compiled a general home inventory document for you to start your inventory as soon as possible.

For more information on taking a home inventory or assistance with your home insurance, contact us today.